"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand." - Chinese proverbs

Children's education is supported through community events and experiences. The expertise we are provided with through the exploration of our community is an integral part of our program. We feel very fortunate to be part of a community that offers us many opportunities to plan collaborative activities for the children. Our field trips provide the children with the opportunity to experience the culture of our surrounding community as we promote the Reggio belief that "teachers, family and community are interactive and together build the foundation for children's natural inquiry". These provocations lead the way to meaningful discussions and projects.

Each school year we participate in various community field trips. The children have the opportunity to visit our local police department to learn about how police keep our community safe. At the bakery and pizza shop the children interact with the chefs and bakers and purchase their own snacks. Lowe's invites each child to wear a personalized apron and visor as the staff present a mini workshop in the building and gardening sections of the store.

Our visits to the local library for special events and reading sessions cultivate the importance of early reading and our visits to the senior citizen home provides our children with the opportunity for intergenerational experiences.

All of the outings provide the teachers and children with a vast amount of cultural and community experiences which can then be expanded on through classroom projects and documentation.

In addition to our community outreach, we welcome various organizations and experts who enhance our learning as they share their time and talent.

We are proud to be the host site for Becton High School Child Development Class. The students observe our classroom settings, and gain hands-on experience as they participate in supervised activities with the children in our program.

Becton High School Band performs at our school during the holiday season, giving the children the opportunity for an on-site live music experience

Nursing students from Felician and Ramapo colleges present workshops to the children. The topics include hand-washing and nutrition.

We sponsor a literacy Day, where our families come together with grandparents, our "senior friends" and local elementary and high school students to read to individual and small groups of children. In this way we demonstrate a respect for literacy across all generations.

We have a long standing affiliation with the Office for Children and Program for Parents, two organizations committed to serving the needs of families and children. Through this network we are able to offer continuing education to our staff, and families.

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