"Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to life." - Maria Montessori

The Atelier
(Art studio)- The children engage in hands-on projects using a variety of color, texture, and natural materials to express their creativity. The children learn that the arts contain emotion as well as intellect, and they experience art as another language to be used to express thoughts and words. Each experience in the arts is an experience that the children cannot get through any other source. We believe that children need to use many forms of self- expression to negotiate in their environment. Movement, dance, paint, sculpture, music and dramatic play all provide the opportunity for children to learn through creativity.

All classes are internet ready and equipped with computers. Computers are another interest area that offers a rewarding experience for Pre-school children. Social development is achieved as children are given the opportunity to work in teams. Sharing, taking turns, and open-ended exploration can often be observed during computer activities. The computer keyboard is also a useful tool in developing fine motor skills and letter recognition.

Providing children access to computers ensures that all children will have the opportunity to become comfortable with technology they will have to master their life.

We carefully select the software to ensure that the programs are developmentally appropriate. As with all activities teacher guidance from teachers is readily available.

Happy Piano
In addition to our daily curriculum we offer a variety of enrichment programs throughout the year. We provide a One-of-a kind Music Program in partnership with THE HAPPY PIANO Neuron Connection. This is an early childhood piano class that helps children gain the foundation of music theory, reading music, rhythm and basic keyboard skills.

Music and movement
Small children use many languages to express their feelings. For young children music and movement is likely to one of the "languages" often used. Music is essential to bringing our children together to experience pure joy and the opportunity for creativity.

Foreign language Classes
We are currently offering a weekly Spanish class to all preschool and kindergarten classes. The class offers the children the opportunity to appreciate the value of other languages as well provide a basic understanding of simple conversational speech and concepts.

Sports Squirts
Our Sports Squirts program introduces the children to a variety of sports in a safe, structured environment. All games encompass hand/eye coordination, balance, and agility.

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