"Children are like tiny flowers; they are varied and need care, but each is beautiful alone and glorious when seen in the community of peers" - Froebel

Friedrich Wilhelm Froebel was the original pioneer of the Kindergarten concept. He was largely self-educated and fortunately escaped the rigorous drills that passed for education in his day. He dreamed of a different ideal and he dedicated his life to providing children an education that developed their spirits as well as their bodies. He believed in the natural playfulness and creativity of each child.

After starting his first preschool in 1837, Froebel searched for a word to describe a “sunny experience that would cultivate children like plants and let them bloom like flowers”, he called it a children’s garden; the literal term for Kindergarten.

The kindergarten idea soon became world famous and the name is a constant reminder to us that our days should be filled with opportunities for each child to thrive and nurture their budding curiosity.

The Children's Studio kindergarten is a full day program built on academics in a joyful environment. We maintain a strong philosophy of valuing children's interests, enabling us to plan a unique curriculum for each group of children.

A typical day in kindergarten consists of writing, math, reading, music and art. Science, Social Studies and Computer classes are incorporated daily into long term study projects. The children have the opportunity to work on these projects in small guided groups each afternoon. In addition we offer weekly Piano classes, Foreign language classes and bi-monthly educational field trips.

The children's progress is assessed by the teacher each trimester using ongoing observations, documentation, developmental checklists, as well as individual portfolios. Parents are invited to view their child's assessment on-line throughout the school year. Our curriculum meets all NJ core curriculum standards.

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