"Children are like flowers; they are varied and need care, but each is beautiful alone and glorious when seen in the community of peers" -Friedrich Froebel

The Children’s Studio is a learning community for families who believe that children need to feel active and important, to be rewarded by their own intelligences and to feel the joy of contributing to his/her learning.

The Children’s Studio has been educating children 3months to six years old since 1980. Our school is a Reggio inspired school, founded on the principles of constructivist curriculum.

Believing that children are their own source for learning, we strive to create a school community that embraces each child’s innate curiosity, while also building his or her understanding of how the world works. As teacher researchers, we continue to explore how to best learn with and from children. Our challenge as we work alongside the children is to plan an environment and pose questions that keeps their curiosity in-tact, while imbuing skills such as imaginative thinking, problem solving, collaboration and respect. This reciprocal process between children and teachers supports each child as they seek to make meaning of their everyday experiences.