"To learn a thing in life and through doing is much more developing, cultivating, and strengthening than to learn it merely through the verbal communication of ideas" - Froebel

As children begin the journey of formal schooling, many families begin to feel added pressure about the rate at which their child is progressing. 5-year-old children have a wide range of skills that need to be respected in a way that allows for challenges as well as the gift of time. Our 5’s program is uniquely designed to build on children’s competencies and strengths, understanding that these are the qualities that will help them to become strong and enthusiastic learners. Our small class size and child-centered curriculum allows for the kind of individual attention that each child needs to succeed. Throughout the year, the children will be challenged by individual, class and whole school projects that promote proficiency in the NJ learning standards as well as proficiency in executive functioning skills. Research and discovery is a core tenant of our education. As children wonder about how things work, we invite questions and theories into our discussions. Children are encouraged to pursue the answers to their questions through testing theories and recording results in research logs. They look to experts to give them new insight into their investigations, and ultimately, they draw conclusions after all the data is collected.

A systematic approach to reading, writing, and math is incorporated into the daily routine in a way that is supportive to children at all skill levels. Sound Spelling, Writers Workshop and one on one reading provides the foundation for process of learning to read. Mathematical experiences are seamlessly weaved throughout the curriculum, and in our 5’s program we focus on more in-depth whole group instruction that incorporates word problems, geometry and graphing.