"Only those who look in the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder." - Eberhard Arnold

Our Infant program provides an atmosphere that nurtures positive relationships between infants and caregivers. Our caregivers naturally look at the world through your infant's eyes, conveying the idea that he/she is an important and respected person.

Infants are just as sociable as older children. Caregivers lovingly respond to infant's facial expressions, body language and vocalizations throughout the day. It is through this continuous emotional response that your infant will learn about people and about the world.

The Infant room is designed to create meaningful experiences in a familiar setting. The groups are small. The room is filled with soft accessible furnishings for relaxation and comfort. Interest areas such as blocks, books, table toys, dramatic play and a sensory table are readily available for exploration. Daily planned activities include movement and music, art and science, as well as outdoor nature walks.

Daily written and verbal communication with parents is essential to our Infant program. Caregivers' schedules provide ample opportunity to collaborate with families daily. Feeding and sleeping schedules are determined by close observation of your infant's personal needs and documented daily. This documentation is used to help facilitate ongoing communication regarding your infant's development, promoting a high emphasis on collaboration among us home-school community.

The transition from home-care to child care can be emotional for both infants and parents. To help ease the transition we encourage participation in family visits prior to your child’s first day, allowing for a more gradual introduction to the new environment.